Sunday, November 1, 2009

To dream..., I have been worse than usual about posting.

This post is one that will update from time to time. I am going make a running list of the kitchen tools and items that I would like to add to my life. I am doing this because I never remember the things that I want until I need them and then it is too late. This way I can keep track of things and eventually have everything I need to whip up anything I want. Ah, to dream the impossible dream...

1. A popover pan
2. Cast Iron Mortar & Pestle
3. A high quality pasta maker
4. Ravioli Stamp With Ejector
5. Restaurant Style Waffle Maker
6. Heating Core for Baking Cakes
7. Cream Horn Molds
8. Bakers' Blades
9. Professional French Bread Pan
10. Bron Professional Stainless Mandolin
11. Small Cannele or Bordelaise Silicone Mold
12. Mini Florentins & Pomponettes Silicone Mold
13. Non-Stick Oven Liner
14. Candy & All-Purpose Digital Thermometer
15. 15.5 Qt. Pressure Cooker/Canner
16. Porcelain Egg Coddler
17. Traditional Single Egg Poacher
18. Ceramic Butter Keeper
19. Fluted Pastry Cutter
20. Pizza Peal
21. Large Thick Square Baking Stone
22. Lets Gel Chef's Mat
23. Smart Stick Hand Immersion Blender in Green
24. Roasting Pan with a nice thick bottom and crimped edges
25. Macajete Stone (Grinding Bowl)

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