Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving is Here!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I wil begin by letting you know that the USB ports on my computer are shot and I cannot download/upload/whatever the photos on my computer. So I will have to be creative about my post so that you are not bored to death with out my gorgeous (cough, giggle) photos that I usually fill the page with.

Maybe Santa will bring me a new computer? A girl can dream can't she? Well, if he reads my blog I want him to know that I want one of those adorable(and unexpensive) tiny web books that I can carry in my purse. They are perfect for me. Not too complicated. I will own that computers are not my thing...the kitchen, that is my thing.

As you might have guessed Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday. Halloween being number one, of course! Thanksgiving is all about food and I am all about food...a perfect match!

I tried my hand a cooking a spatchcocked turkey yesterday. For those of you who dont know: spatchcocked means that I removed the backbone and laid the fowl flat out on a baking sheet to cook. [I borrowed this photo from Retorte.] I LOVE this method. I will never again cook a big rounded bird in my oven.12 lbs took slightly over an hour and it was perfect. So juicy and not at all sawdust like in texture. I am ready for Thursday! 20 lbs of turkey bliss!

I am also making a potato gratin. YUM! Purple potatoes, russets and a smoky oak flavored cheddar cheese...I am salivating and it is only Monday. As to not elude the goal of this holiday and engage in full force gluttony I am also preparing sweet potatoes slow cooked in whisky, molasses and butter. To appease the Thanksgiving gods I made vanilla bean marshmallows to top these beauties. It is the tradition that just won't die. It is not so bad really, but there are so many other ways to prepare sweet potatoes that are more palatable. OH, well. Tradition it is.

Green bean casserole..check. An embarrassment to great cooks everywhere...but I will own the fact that is just wouldn't be thanksgiving without it.

Pull apart clover rolls....check. Making these beauties myself. I love to make bread. (and eat bread)

Cornbread dressing...check. Less is more here, simple is best. No fancy additives for me.

As for the sweets...I can't decide. My father in law requires a pecan pie, so that makes one part of the decision. My stomach gets so excited and filled with butterflies about all the possibilities and I cannot make a decision. More pie? A cake? Some bread pudding perhaps? Delicate cookies? Hearty cookies? Cup cakes? Mousse? Cheesecake? What the hell..gluttony here we come...

Pecan pie
Pumpkin cheese cake
Bread pudding with whisky sauce, of course!
Cranberry Snickerdoodles
Tiny chocolate silk pies
Lace cookies filled with cranberry mousse

Problem solved!

I had better get to cleaning the house. Thanksgiving would be no fun with out stay over guests and they like to have a place to sleep. So, Happy cooking! I know I will be.