Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alright...I have been in a blogging coma...

To make a long story short: I hated where we were living. We moved. I am happy again and thusly baking again.

I will begin again by introducing to you my new home...
First I will sum up where we were living with a picture, you know they say it is worth 1,000 words:I know what you are thinking...that is a lot of would be correct in that...

Now shall we begin the tour of my happy home (i.e. definately NOT beige):
The living room.

The dining room.

1/2 of the kitchen.

1/2 of the breakfast nook & 1/4 of the kitchen.

1/4 of the kitchen & 1/8 of the Dining room.

The facilities.

And herb garden.

As you can see there is no beige in my new home and I am happy homemaker once again. I will be back soon to share with you the goodies I make. I have lovely new neighbors to share the bounty with and have been baking up a storm as we have been getting settled in.

Thank you for being patient with me...I'm back!

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