Friday, October 10, 2008


No, I didn't drop off the face of the sorry for the delay in posting.

I was visiting a friend in Richmond, Virginia. I had a great time and did something altogether new for me: I hiked in the mountains. I drove up into the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside Waynesboro, VA. I parked the car and got out...yep, me in the out doors, a shocker, I know....I took lots of pictures and had fun. I took this excursion alone, but I wished that my father in law could have been there. He would have loved it, maybe I can convince him to travel there with us soon.

Pictures will do a better job of explaining the view and the gorgeous weather, so....

{I should mention that I have a penchant for moss and trees, you see...}


Leaves and berries

The view at 3,000 feet...a small homestead below.

Could this be why they are called the Blue Ridge Mountains?

A country road and an old home.

Moss...two kinds!

A beautiful tree anchored to the rock with arthritic looking roots.

Blue Ridge in the back and berries in the front...beautiful.

Moss and some sort of succulent...nice color variation.

Fall is here! (or rather there)

A lovely fence in colonial Williamsburg.

A mountainous view...

Sticks and moss!

I will return...such a splendid day.

Moss and leaves...I warned you.

For my mother, a wild Canadian goose.

Just a nice house I would not mind living in.

My definition of pastoral.

Someday I will have a lovely old fence to call my own...someday.

A lovely church in honor of the friend I was visiting...she is attending seminary.

I returned home feeling inspired and quite refreshed. I am so glad I took this trip! I also made a new feline friend, her name is Sugar. She is snow white and sweet as...well, you know. I am missing her since my arrival home, but am glad to be back with my four furry children...oh, and my husband too! Hee, hee...

I'll be back cooking soon, but a change of pace is always nice from time to time.

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