Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting Started

I have been absolutely obsessed with food blogs for the past few months and have decided to begin my own. I will fill you in on my experiments, successes and failures, as I go. I worked as a baker a few years back and while I loved the job I did not know how to handle the pressures of the kitchen. My life was out of balance and thusly so was all of my cooking. I have since found my balance and also found my way back into the kitchen. Food consumes all of my thoughts, just as it used to. I feel comfortable and fulfilled to be back on my food journey again.

You ought to know that I gained a lot (over 100 lbs) of weight the first time around and so this time I count calories and act like a rational human being because it has taken me years to lose the weight and I do not welcome it back. I love food, I had to learn that more is not always best and while butter does make every thing better it will not bring you clarity of thought and peace of mind; you have to find those first. Once I did, I now see that butter, cream and sugar have healed my heart because it is what is in my heart. Sharing this love with others and finding the perfect balance again and again are what keep me sane.

And so...I will begin again, this quest of butter, cream and sugar...

I will provide my resume for those of you who are considering hiring me to do some baking for you:


Associate of English with a concentration in communication. Seven years experience writing, communicating, and working with people in all walks of life and types of situations. Learned ability to communicate with people and serve their stated needs as well as anticipate those unstated. Organized and articulate in meeting and greeting clients as well as maintaining a strong working relationship for the duration of the engagement. Skilled in the organization and direction of events under multifaceted circumstances and currently planning to obtain certification as an event consultant.


2004-2008 Piece of Cake Party Services San Antonio, Tx


Personal business to provide cakes and party services/expertise to clients. Made cakes and other pastry accoutrement as well as themed fare for parties. Designed and created themed decorations and floral arrangements. Designed party plans for clientele including instructions and/or materials needed for a customer needs. References available upon request; portfolio pictures available upon request.

2005-2007 San Antonio College San Antonio, Tx

Tutor V – Student Learning Assistance Center

Aided students in english, history, government, humanities and public speaking assignments. Job incurred a need for the ability to overcome communication barriers to present knowledge in an understandable format for the patrons. Assisted in the daily customer service operations of the lab: managing calls, proctoring exams, reserving and scheduling lab usage and seeing to the student’s academic needs.

Employee of the month: September 2006.

2004-2005 San Antonio Flower Company San Antonio, Tx

Customer Assistance Representative

Maintained working relationships with wholesale and retail customers. Accommodated the needs of customers by accurately completing transactions with both onsite and remote clients. Responsible for familiarity with 100+ plants and flowers. Created and implemented improved organizational system increasing efficiency and profitability.

2001-2002 Guenther House San Antonio, Tx

Pastry Chef/Baker

Responsible for opening restaurant each morning; including inspection of and delineation of morning restaurant details. Delegated work requirements and set the pace for the day. Maintained an organized schedule to create the daily supply of baked goods for restaurant and catering operations.

1999-2000 Bandera County Attorney Bandera, Tx

County Attorney Clerk

Responsible for efficiently filling and maintaining organized records. Need for exceptional organizational skills to quickly and effectively provide files for clients and attorneys. Required ability to conduct organized and professional telephone correspondences.


Familiar and comfortable with the Microsoft Word and Excel as well as Internet savvy.


2003-2008 San Antonio College San Antonio, Tx

Associate Degree with a concentration in English and Communications

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